Backjumps Junior Issue 4.2


Back in August 2010 Adrian Nabi did another Backjumps event, which we were very proud to be part of; us “artists” all being fathers and whatnot…

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4 Responses to Backjumps Junior Issue 4.2

  1. Pete Parker says:

    Hello – This is a real longshot but, Did we used to go to school together? I went to Brockley County School 1980-85 & then went to Crofton 6th Form 1985-87. I remember you or someone looking very similar to you creating designs on a spraycan character (can with a eyes). I also remember a Paris trip to the Pmpidou Centre.

    I hope I am right.


    T.02380321336 M.754837231

  2. Mode 2 says:

    I did go to Brockley County school, and your name definitely rings a bell, though I’ll admit that I started to go less and less at some point, going off to Paris to paint and whatever, until our headmistress (damn! forgot her name!) politely explained to me that, if I wished to do my “A” levels, I had better be a bit more present in the school. I guess I had been setting a bad example.
    I went back to “The Prison On The Hill” a few years back, but must admit that it’s so strange to have Prendergast Girls having taken over our hallowed halls… oh well…

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