Been away for a while, truth be said…

It’s been a bit of a roller-coaster of a year since last summer, with loads of different events and whatever. It will, for the most of it, eventually be uploaded, in order to let you know about the type of jobs and projects that I say “yes” to and end up doing.

That said, the main reason for not finding (or making) the time is due to the fact that since last June, I had been working on a project for a festival which would have taken place end of this June 2013; with a small line-up of very talented individuals in different fields; many whose names you would be all too familiar with.

Due to the fact that I lost faith in the willingness of our hosts (at the prestigious venue where it was to be held for two very intense weeks in South Germany) to ensure the right conditions, I recently resigned from what I felt would have been a small milestone in the evolution of the culture. F**k the pay and all those hours and days and weeks and months spent; if it ain’t right, don’t get involved in the first place, and never be scared to back out.

I was much happier going off to Dakar, Senegal instead, for much less money, a couple of weeks of intense activity and stress; but at least that feeling that you were sowing seeds on fertile soil, despite the hardships of others there and the crap deals signed by generations of corrupt leaders to foreign “investors”.

As for the idea of the event I resigned from; it’s not dead yet, and I’m speaking with some people closer to me who can probably help to make it happen…

I know I get pretty quiet for a while, but I’ll drop by and catch up every now and again ;-)


Some trees are held as being sacred in Senegal, and no level of "human progress" is ever allowed to remove them...

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10 Responses to Been away for a while, truth be said…

  1. Scott Maryan says:

    Great to have you back!

  2. Bandi says:

    Yes Mode des supers moments à Dakar à ton contact, tu as été le parrain idéal -> à bientôt nch’Allah ;)

  3. JoSephFRédéRic says:

    COmmentVaWHat’S upB. siJamais T4as duCréDit APPel. TuM’en VVEUxxxPLus? Suis a ANGLet VOis desPOtes J’dors DAnsViTo LA merLesVaGues etBeaucoup de joLiesFEmmes. SPOrtivesTonics. 0622589663 BOOoonJOOUUuurBye.

  4. bobby says:

    Hi Mode 2,

    I’ve been a massive admirer of your work since the Chrome Angel days & Spray Can Art.

    I wanted to ask if your doing commissioned canvas works at all. I’ve just built a new home over here in Australia & I wanted too about getting a canvas from you.

    I understand how busy you are but thought I’d send you a message to check it out.


  5. trym says:

    bad shit retard noobs

  6. Tallat says:

    Is it possible to buy some of your stuff? Drawings in particular.


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