I can’t believe that it’s actually finally up, but yes, is now more than just this one page with a few links at the bottom.

In between my work, gigs and trips, I will be uploading content onto the site, and keeping you all updated on the goings on, so take note that this is just the beginning, as I still have  a lot more images to upload into their respective sections; whether this be “Drawings”, “Paintings”, or “On Site”.

Some of you may notice that there are not any big walls or even small pieces apparent anywhere, but this is intentional on my part, as I do not wish to give away all my analogue archives on-line, and the handling of this aspect of my artistic production requires a little more thought. I plan to eventually publish my spray-paint production in a book format, so I am, with regards to this eventuality, holding back on my negatives. It won’t happen tomorrow, but it will happen one day; promise ;-)

I’d like to thank my two good friends Deemo, for the design, and Manu, my host, for making this all happen, as well as WordPress of course, for allowing people such as myself to manage their own site.

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43 Responses to Finally!

  1. haero says:

    Big ups Mode! Glad to be able to post this comment on the blog of one of my mentors. Never giving up. Just like you.

    • Mode2 says:

      I don’t know if we’ve ever met in real life, but thanks for being the first to catch this and to send an encouraging reply. Obviously, as time goes by, and more and more people leave comments, I will not be able to reply to everybody. At least for this first week I can be a little more courteous….

  2. Manu says:

    Never too late ! Cheers !

    • Mode2 says:

      Wouldn’t really have been possible without your help all these years, and of course Deemo’s over the last two. It’s been on and off, on and off, but we’re almost there now; apart from a whole bunch more images to optimise and Digimarc!

  3. g says:

    Happy Birthday, Sir…




    Indeed finally! Good to hear AND see from you

  5. chris says:

    good to see you pulled through on the whole website thing…..I really enjoyed going through it.

    • Mode2 says:

      Hi Chris,
      Thanks for your comment :-) Just out of curiosity, do I know you from some other on-line source? I presume that you operate out of the Netherlands, and as i already know a Chris from there…

  6. andy Seize says:

    Brother Mode
    I love who you are and what you represent, you’re a true DON, totally inspiring.
    Well done! I feel proud to be part of this movement and thank you for all the great work!

    Andy Seize

    • Mode2 says:

      Still loads more to add, Andy, but optimisation and Digimarc filter application also take up a lot of time. I think I may put some of the jams I participated in, on the “On Site” section, but I really don’t want to give too much away there. I would rather wait and bring out a book that people can look at together, pass around, turn the pages and so on. What we did over the years cannot be reduced to the size of a smart-phone screen…

  7. Mode2 says:

    Thank you all for your feedback :-)
    It took a while to get to this point, and, believe me, selecting and optimising images is a pretty tedious endeavour, but yeah, I really had to finally do this.
    Deemo and I are listening out for comments, reactions, and criticism, with regards to how the site works; and we’ll both be doing our bit to either add more images and open up the sections still hidden to you, as well as tweak here and there where we see problems with this particular WordPress build.
    The different image sections and galleries are set in chronological order, but there’s still a fair bit of material still to go in there…

  8. Redl says:

    Yo Mode
    Still a fan of your work and style! Keep on rocking! All the best from your swiss dudes. You see and itsapodoididi!

  9. Whats good MODE2!? I will be doing a presentation on you in my intermediate figure drawing class at CSU Chico in a few weeks. The professor and students do not see graffiti artists as legitimate skilled artists, but i hope to prove them wrong showing them your artwork. You are truly a legend and a big reason why I continue to try and build my skills as an artist. Mind blowing artwork, and a dope site.

  10. sketzh says:

    Congratulations from Copenhagen.

    Looking good Mode!
    I am proud to have the stuff you did in Copenhagen in 1986 in my new book ‘SKRIVERE’ København 1984-1987 (‘WRITERS’ Copenhagen 1984-1987). It will be released in Denmark April the 13th.

    Big Ups

    • Mode2 says:

      Looking forwards to your book, Sketzh. Pike from Stockholm handed me an old photo of some August ’86 action, when the security guards from the yards had ended their contract…

  11. probs says:

    Great work as always. Amazing to see it all in one place.

    Your drawing is truly an inspiration to us all. Perhaps we will see you at the London Meeting of Styles this year.
    Big Big Respect.

  12. Bates says:

    Back in Copenhagen 1986 you hit up my envelope of photos with a silver marker,
    I believe to still have it somewhere, couple of decades later painting alongside you
    and Delta in Vienna was a favorite moment of mine….
    always inspiring,
    Congrats on the site, and open window to the rest of the world!
    peace and much respect!

    • Mode2 says:

      Vienna was the time of that last solar eclipse of the 20th century. Atome, Delta and I took the closest thing to an S-Bahn or RER that Vienna had, heading south for that early afternoon, and we caught a pretty surreal experience. One of the things I remember the most about that jam was just how much Montana would hang in the air…
      Copenhagen August ’86 was an eye-opener for me nonetheless; Desire, Retake, seeing Steen or Wildcat busting moves CPH-style… irreplacable, and that kind of stuff can’t happen anymore, because of globalisation, the internet, and the mobile phone… especially those new smart-phones ;-)!

  13. dj_cityboy says:

    wow man…seeing this makes me pretty well the happiest person ever, i first saw a Mode2 piece in Oliver Schwarzkopf’s Graffiti Art book (1994-ish) and since that day i have always considered you a true legend, so happy to finally see a site dedicated to you and your truely amazing talent….dude you are the stuff legends are made of!

  14. Naferlovesyou says:


    Nice to see you extended your website and goodluck with that!! We have met years ago in Rotterdam and hope fully we will meet again in the future. Becaus after i saw your interview for the i would love to discuss with you the history of writing and the different socio-economic situations in Europe in connection with writing.


  15. FREDDY MACK says:

    you were just saying about it at the F2000′ opening a couple of months ago, and here it is!
    Thats what’s up! till next time..

    • Mode2 says:

      …but Freddy; I was ACTIVELY planning it since a couple of YEARS ago! That’s what’s really SLOWLY up ;-)! Oh well… a question of the hare and the tortoise, I guess ;-)

      I hope that Futura made many more sales at that show. Some of the big ones were incredible… not taking anything away from the smaller ones of course!


  16. TufKut says:

    I just wanted to say Hi and MANY thanks for the inspiration. Being brought up on HipHop through the 80’s, it was yourself that has stamped such beautiful imagery through characters and I am very thankful (I draw comic strips). All I can personally ask is why a widely available compilation of your works in hardback has never been done?-it’d be good to spread your art to many corners as at the moment you have to Dig abit also your art is at such a standard to warrant this. Keep on keepin’ on.
    Peace Ahki …(“, )

    • Mode2 says:

      Ahki Peace… Your query, as to an eventual hardback, is already dealt with in this post. Read the third paragraph again. Books take time to make properly, and, up until now, I haven’t had that kind of luxury. At least as important a factor, is who you choose to be your publisher? Or do you try to publish it yourself? You’ll have to apply a bit more patience ;-)

      • TufKut says:

        …Many thanks for the reply, Just being eager and understand completely (sorry).
        I’ll be as patient as needed…. . . .
        …(“, )

  17. Slim Savernake says:

    Hi Mode2,

    I just want to let a you a comment, I should wanted be the first one but unfortunatly not!! :)
    I didn’t know you before I’ve seen your interview on canalstreet and I fell in love in your work!!!
    It’s awesome, I like your style and your vision about it!!!
    I like everything about street culture but not so much in kind of… and i’ve seen yours, now I want to see more :)

    Just keep going and of course don’t change your state of mind!!! ;)

  18. Its like 2 in the morning, working on a piece and stuck for ideas, google your work and your website is up :) ahaha happy days. Big fan, your style has informed much of what I do, two things I hope to do in the near future, see you in the flesh at one of your exhibitions & own an original signed peace. Kiboko

  19. Peace brother , the site looks great. Just wanna say much respect. I met you briefly in Oakland at the Aerosoul show and wish I could have chopped it up more. But, I hope to cross paths with you again. Been a big follower of your work since I was a kid, and your work has always had a big influence on me. Keep it up!
    Trust Your Struggle Collective

  20. Chris says:

    A stunning website for a very gifted artist. I remember taking pictures of a female character you painted in Westbourne Park (The Brim Wall) many years back and have been interested ever since.

    Keep with ‘The Passion’ .

    All the best

  21. Bio Tats Cru says:

    Congratulations on the site Mode. Keep up the great work.

  22. Chipolini050 says:

    Hi Mode 2,

    Excellent website! I’ve seen drawings of you since waaaaaay back and I really like them. Gonna keep an eye on this site. Keep up the good work.

    Regards form Groningen, The Netherlands

  23. Leo Stiles says:

    Been a fan since I was young great to see the evolution of your art
    Nice surprise to come to the site & its in full swing

  24. Wow, superb blog format! How long have you ever been blogging for? you make blogging glance easy. The total glance of your website is magnificent, let alone the content material!

  25. jeroen visscher says:

    Hi Mode2 for many years i’m very impressed by you’re artwork. I got also a question for you i live in the netherlands
    i’am owner of a coffeeshop in a town called leiden iám wondering if it’s possible that you do some artwork inside the
    shop. The shop called High Society(smoking shop)
    hope to hear somthing from you.
    greets jeroen

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    more on this topic? I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit further.

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