Interview of me in Very Nearly Almost #18

I was at the launch of the new issue of Very Nearly Almost, last Thursday, at the Lazarides Rathbone gallery, as Connor Harrington graces the cover of issue #18.
I also happen to have a good few pages in this new issue, and you can order it from the VNA online store here.
Here’s a little preview;

though of course you’d do best just to go out and buy the issue. My friend Shoe is also in there, along with other artists, some of which I know, and some not…

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2 Responses to Interview of me in Very Nearly Almost #18

  1. Lovegrove says:

    Good shout… I don’t see this mag around my way since our local Borders got shut down, so I just got it online, nice one.

  2. Littleking Cost says:

    Nice to have found a place to view your more recent works. I remember seeing some of your awesome characters n female figures in old graff mags. Glad you are still very involved and alive brother!

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