Tonight… The 4 Pillars expo

I have already posted this before, but, should you have forgotten about it, there’s a little double-bill this Thursday and Friday at Underdog Gallery, Arch 6, Crucifix Lane, London, SE1 3JW.
I started painting directly on the walls yesterday, and finishing off my stuff for 6pm this evening. Watch out for wet paint!
I must unfortunately fly off early next morning; so I’ll be missing out BIG time on Friday…
The artwork will stay up for a while, until it gets sold or auctioned off or painted over; but Friday’s gig will definitely only be a one-night affair.
I’m hoping to catch up with some of you guys on this evening anyway…
Bye for now; and until then :-)

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One Response to Tonight… The 4 Pillars expo

  1. Somerocz says:

    Some damn fine artwork from your goodself at 4 pillars. Visited the tca exhibition as well earlier in the day, always good to look back at work from a crew/artists who were a major influence back in the 80s. Some nice new work as well. I wait with baited breath for the tca/mode 2 book, it could possibly be one of the greatest graf books ever. Up there with style master general.

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