Escape The Golden Cage, Vienna


It is just over a week since I got back from Wien (Vienna), where I took part in a group show called “Escape The Golden Cage”; organised by Sarah Musser and Raphael Weinberger.

Breakfast at Palais Kinsky

The show at the Palais Kinsky is now entering its last week, so; if you want to catch some paintings by Anthony Lister, Ozmo from Milano,  a “telepathic installation by Brad Downey, or else the likes of Xoooox from Berlin, click here for the full list of participating artists.

I had only been to Vienna twice before, so, despite the fresh spring temperature, it was nice to be there again, meeting my friend Sydney, who co-organised the “Klimt Illustrated” event I took part in last August 2012.
The Ring hotel was maybe a bit more luxury than I had been expecting, and would have gladly stepped down a category or two, in order to have free internet. That said, there was enough space to work calmly on other stuff, such as the flyer for the “Get Wet” event in Paris; the first floor windows were that soundproof!

First floor view from The Ring hotel, Vienna

I was first in Vienna for a jam, back in ’99, hanging with Delta and Atome, when we got to witness the last solar eclipse of the 20th century. Apart from hanging out painting, there wasn’t really that much time for much else.
I was there again January 2012 for our annual Battle Of The Year Partner Meeting, when I had put a little time aside to go and visit the Museum Quartier and the collection at the Leopold Museum; being a big Egon Schiele and Klimt fan. Not much time for sightseeing and museum trips this time around though, as I found myself with a little more on my plate than i had bargained for. So no visit to the Secession for me; only an outside view on my way to lunch :-(

Secession, Vienna

My only consolation was to be found at a historical old restaurant called Zur Eisernen Zeit, on the Naschmarkt, which became my daily canteen (thanks, Sydney!); sometimes for lunch and supper!

Zur Eisernen Zeit

My original plan for this show was to get some paintings shipped over from London and Hamburg, make one new piece, then do a live performance on a large canvas, the resulting piece from which was to be made into a collection of twenty very special bags. When we found that the costs of shipping from London would break the budget, and the connection with the guys in Hamburg failed, I found myself with a rather slim selection of works to put on show.

Having brought my new painting over on the enjoyable nine-hour train-ride, and re-stretched it over its frame, I realised that there were to be three separate openings to Escape The Golden Cage; Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday.
This called for a re-think of the performance, and I decided to go for something stretched out over all three evenings, and that I would produce something that would not be made into bags, as originally planned.
Between this, the preparation of four new works for a show in Hamburg, and working on that Get Wet flyer on the side;

Get Wet 31 Mai 2013

…my time was spent looking for materials for the performance, and catching shots of some store-signs, as I have been doing for some years with a friend of mine.

Mobelhaus Marek

Parfumerie Wien

Still, I enjoyed the actual event, met and hung out with artists I had either never met, or else only seen their work on the street, and I also got to hear some nice music from the DJs that played there; especially on Wednesday evening.

Palais Kinsky Keller

So yeah, if you just happen to be in Vienna, take a moment to go and check out the exhibition at Palais Kinsky before it finishes at the end of the week, or else check out the Escape website for more photos and news.
Enjoy… :-)

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5 Responses to Escape The Golden Cage, Vienna

  1. Experience in Vienna of mine was also same like you.I hope you enjoyed in Vienna .As i read about your experience of dining in Vienna City it will be my suggestion to check the below listed link to know more about the food and sightseeing’s in Vienna City.There are many more museums and hotels over here.The link stated will give you everything,

    • Mode 2 says:

      Thanks for your tips on dining out in Vienna. I’m glad to know a couple of other very people who can give me different views of the city, and what it has to offer on sights, museums, and so on, as well as eating out.

      I’m hoping that some other projects come up there soon :-)

  2. Pi64 says:

    “Everybody Loves You” Thats a fresh one !

  3. Charles says:

    Pi64 is right ““Everybody Loves You””.
    we are so glad to hear from you. To see your work and feel your breath.


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